Almunus felt misled by Spring Fling ad


On April 6, 1995, my son and I attended Spring Fling for the first time, having been enticed by the advertisements being distributed by some of the sponsors (Fry's in this case). The flyer stated "Children Under 12 FREE." When I asked if this included everything including rides, I was assured it was. So I bought myself a wristband at the discounted price of $15. When I arrived at the university for the evening of events, we were admitted without incidents or comments, proceeded to board our first ride, again without incident or comment, but at the next we were turned away because my son did not have a wristband. I returned to the front gate and asked for an explanation and they promptly directed me to the admission ticket booths. I presented my case stating that there was no mention that rides were not included in the price, had been told that they were included by the event's sponsors/representatives, including a call to the Spring Fling Hotline. The person in the booth said nothing could be done, pay or leave. I asked for a refund and was refused. I asked for an opportunity to restore community relations by selling another to me at the discounted price and again refused.

The student told me there was no one to whom I could talk. No help. WHAM, BAM, thank you ma'am.

My disappointment was twofold: first having to shell out for another wristband, then second having no opportunity to pay the discounted price without returning to Fry's.

The Spring Fling misrepresented the cost by not clearly stating that "Children Under 12 FREE" meant admission only. If this had been an advertisement printed by a retail business, they would certainly be more than required to sell the product or service to me as stated by the ad representing the business. I am sure that this can be called misleading advertisement.

I am an alumni of the University of Arizona and have never been treated so rudely and will never be treated rudely again because I will not return to support this event ever again. I will go as far as to tell everyone how I've been treated by the Spring Fling staff.

Thank you for allowing me to vent my anger.

Ray Martinez

Class of 1972

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