Let's return to 'traditional morality'


Kudos to John Keisling for his biting and insightful column ("Republicans bulldozing waste and building a better future," April 10)! It's about time somebody stepped up and pointed out the weaknesses of the President and the "asinine" Senate. The House's Contract With America is a bold marker in our nation's history, second only to the McCarthy hearings.

However, while the contract is making steps in the right direction, I don't believe the provisions as stated in the contract are enough. We need to cut back even more on social programs like Education and Health Services, because if people can't afford a doctor or an education, then it's their own fault, and we don't need them anyway. The same goes for families who can't afford to feed their children. If they can't feed them at home, why should we be expected to? And while we're at it, why stop at cutting PBS and the NEA? Why not go the extra step, and close the museums and shut down the public interest stations? Nobody watches educational TV, and most of the art nowadays is lewd and immoral.

The contract also falls short, as Mr. Keisling notes, in defending the American public against the immorality of the liberal left. How dare they "impose [their] values" upon the American public? It will only be by taking steps like mandating the "husband-and-wife family as the basic social unit" and "putting major restrictions on abortion" that we will retain our independence as individuals.

In short, I am all in favor of Mr. Keisling's suggestion to return to "the traditional morality that built America." I would enjoy the chance to keep slaves, have five or six children out of wedlock and not have to support them, and be able to shoot people whose opinions don't match my own. While we're at it, let's try dunking the liberals to see if they float.

John P. Nelson

Creative Writing Senior

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