Private sector has solutions


Everyday if you hard enough, there can be found some article ripping the Republicans for wanting to do away with PBS and school lunches. For all of you that think this is a horrible thing. I am here to tell you to pull out your wedgie and relax. PBS and school lunches are here to stay.

If the government does cut funding to PBS, the station will just have to depend more on private donations to broadcast the enriching and educational programs we watch. Therefore, once a year for one weekend, we will have to put up with some lame telethon asking for donations. Somehow these telethons do seem to work and nonprofit organizations live on.

Now, on the appetite of our nations young children. Just because the government cuts funding for the school lunches, does not mean kids will go hungry all day. As it is now, the school district (the government) runs the cafeterias we remember from grade school all too well. If the government pulls out, then private food companies will move in to fill the need. With private companies serving the food, it will be better, cheaper and will provide a much greater selection. Shouldn't private companies be running these cafeterias anyway? Just as Adam Smith said, "The government should keep out of our economics."

David Leach

Political Science Soph.

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