Delta Chi should be given a chance to reorganize


And then there were four. Four lone IFC chapters that abstained from a vote not even to listen to the future of Delta Chi. Four lone chapters who have enough common sense not to support someone (Mike Margolin─ IFC President) who had gone on record to say it would "hurt" an organization's reputation by reorganizing ("Interfraternity Council rebuffs Delta Chi" April 12). Did it hurt the UA's reputation when it "reorganized" itself by removing Dean Krager two years due to driving under the influence of alcohol? No it did not; it showed that there was a desire to clean up their act.

Then why is the removal of over one-half of the members of Delta Chi not considered "cleaning up" our act? We have not drawn attention to ourselves, nor have we "stepped on anyone's toes." What we have done is swallowed our pride and taken the road of responsibility. We have taken responsibility for the actions of those who are no longer with us.

This entire process for which we are undergoing in no way should "hurt our reputation." We have severed ties with the past and are trying to move forward with our heads up high.

It is incomprehensible as to why the university would not want to be a part of this process to rebuild.

We will continue to scrutinize the actions of our members.

And we will continue to be in America where freedom of speech allows certain individuals to hinder due process through manipulation and misunderstanding.

And we will continue.

Chad Becker

Finance and Economics Junior

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