Hard for ASUA prez to miss Helpline reestablishing itself


I am writing in response to the article "ASUA Helpline returns after yearlong hiatus" (April 10). Being that I am a Helpline volunteer, I was greatly disturbed by President Trujillo's comment that "he was unaware that the program had resumed operation." After reading the article. I had the distinct impression that I and other volunteers had been sneaking around ASUA setting up phone lines at night, so as not to let President Trujillo in on our little secret. This is far from the case. In fact, President Trujillo himself talked to the director of Helpline in November 1994 concerning the extra budget money and the possibility of finding a new and more private space for Helpline. (The only reason for which Helpline would need a new space would be to answer confidential phone calls.) We pursued this with diligence and found a new, private location from which we could take confidential calls. We then proceeded to place a very large sign on the outside of our cubicle for all to see. It announced our pending move from ASUA and solicited help from others in ASUA to assist in moving our things. Since we have reopened we have run several ads in the Wildcat and we have been suspiciously absent from our previous cubical in ASUA.

Due to the fact that President Trujillo has so many other important projects that take up his time, it is conceivable that he was unaware of our reopening. I do however, find it disheartening that he seems to be one of the only individuals involved in ASUA that did not know that Helpline was up and running. It would seem that it skipped the minds of all those who helped us get setup to mention to President Trujillo that we were active. I would like to thank everyone in ASUA that has helped us keep this secret so well during the last few months, especially: Anndrea Kawamura, David Weitzenfeld, Ben Driggs, Andrea Major and Jim Drnek. Sorry guys, the cat is out of the bag!

Jalene Bowersmith

Helpline Trainer/Volunteer

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