Alumni enjoy Student Union's offerings


This letter concerns the use of the Student Union during any reconstruction and/or rebuilding.

We are one of those rare alumnus from Hawaii that return to Tucson twice a year during the fall and spring for over four months a year. We are located so we can walk over to campus several times each day and enjoy having lunch in the Mexican restaurant located in the Student Union. Also, we purchase a coupon for 10 movies and enjoy just about every movie shown at the Gallagher Theatre.

Our visits here to Tucson center around UA activities and often include other UA alumnus who also walk with us to campus. My wife and I share four degrees from the UA, three of them advanced. I guess we have never been able to separate ourselves from our alma mater where we met in 1953 at the old library, now a museum.

Therefore, in your equation for change at the Student Union, would you please consider the needs of a few old alums and our need for a few "security blankets"?

Of course we are mindful of the needs of your 35,000+ students. However, we would like to continue uninterrupted if possible our "usual" regimen at the Student Union.

Harry and Flo Fanning

'54, '58, '70, '72

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