Columnist Moran is a moron


After having read several of Patrick Moran's sports columns, I cannot believe his ridiculous column " 'Buttons' enlightens Winner's Circle" (April 19) was actually printed. Are you kidding me?! His lack of creativity is amazing. The fact that he would bring a deceased UA hero's voice back from the grave is beyond embarrassing. I have come to the conclusion that a terrible mistake has been made by the Wildcat which needs to be corrected immediately! I believe Patrick Moran's name has been misspelled repeatedly. It is not Moran, but MORON!

Marcia Goudy

Family Studies Junior

P.S. I would like to add that his italicized commentary (located at the end of each column) claiming that "despite what some people may think, he is always right" demoralizes his credibility as a sports columnist even further. Give me a break.

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