Revenge is no solution to the bombing


We worry! We worry about our health, our family, our friends, our schoolwork and so on. This is everyday life. But now this. Terrorism on American soil. We all realized this threat, our true vulnerability, upon the bombing of the World Trade Center two years ago. American soil was shown to be not as safe as we once thought. Now Oklahoma City? So many questions, so few answers. Why that target, why that location, who is responsible, etc.?

While we here in the United States fail to conceive the rationale behind this seemingly meaningless and monstrous attack, there are those who at this very moment are in jubilation over the success of Wednesday's bombing. It is obvious that differing political, societal and/or religious ideologies are at the core of such attacks. This much we are able to understand. However, what we fail to comprehend is the rational or reasoning these individuals or groups have in pursuing their ideologies to the point of destroying fellow human lives. At this instant, revenge seems so appealing. Yet, are we to fall victim to the same atrocious mentality as these savages? Should we kill in order to sustain our gratification for revenge just as they have? The only answer I am able to give to this or any of the many questions we have regarding this attack which occurred without rhyme or reason is that we should be thankful! Thankful that we have not plunged to an equally blind, ignorant, witless and simple level of existence.

My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones.

Brooks Singer

Political Science/History Graduate

Scott Griffin

Business Senior

Bob O'Fee

Political Science Senior

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