UA/ASU 'barking' silly


I feel I must take a stab at two gentlemen, Damian Shaw from ASU and Eric Wein from UA, who expressed their school spirit and bragging rights over the UA/ASU rivalry. I respect the fact that these two journalists take pride in their universities, but I figured these Woodwards and Bernsteins (you two can figure out who is who) would have more interesting things to print than 'my dad is bigger than your dad.' From a leisurely point of view, I would rather read the usual sports roundup or perhaps even some professional NBA box scores. Quite frankly, no one enjoys a good ballgame more than I, but the space and money devoted to these columns should reflect impertinent issues and should be used more efficiently and creatively. Otherwise, such verbal barking should be saved for when you wild pranksters sneak around and throw paint on each other's "A's." For now let's use our school newspaper's sports columns for informative reading, or even another Playboy ad which caused quite a stir, instead of something that makes me want to set it aside next to the People magazine in the john.

Nicholas Kalastro

English major

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