Kudos for CCIT's increase in Internet availability


A general round of cheers and applause for CCIT in their decision to increase the student's Internet accessibility ("CCIT revamps system for speedier access," March 27)! Since I have been at this school I have seen a need for this. Furthermore, I always thought it was kind of hypocritical for the school to talk about "preparing students for the information future" and then not helping the students who already utilize these resources. For students like me, the Internet is a major resource for everything from science to cooking. Where else can one jump from nanotechnology to casseroles to potbellied pigs, except for on the World Wide Web?

The Internet also lets me keep in easy contact with friends that, over the years, have scattered to various colleges around the country, as well as keeping in touch with my sister at UNM. Also, not having a television, behind newspapers, the Internet serves as my major source of news and events that are happening around the world (sometimes better than the newspaper, no offense Wildcat). I hope that with more availability, more students will find what a wonderful tool the Internet is.

Jeff S. McGrew

Biochemistry Sophomore

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