Legislature kills ASA's tuition prepayment plan

By Beth Silver

Arizona Daily Wildcat

PHOENIX The Arizona Students' Association's chance at getting a tuition prepayment program through the Legislature died last week when both bills were killed in the Senate and House.

The bills, which would have allowed parents to pay their children's tuition years before they entered college, were originally brought up early in the session and killed when the Senate and House Appropriations chairmen refused to give them a hearing.

In the last month, two versions of the same program were resurrected in the House and Senate.

But when questions over the state's liability for the plan were brought up, the Senate version's sponsor, Sen. John Wettaw, R-Flagstaff, pulled it with a promise to bring it up next year.

And the statewide student lobbying organization pulled a second version in the House because lawmakers perverted the bill's original intention, said Paul Allvin, ASA's executive director.

Allvin said the student lobbyists and Sen. Wettaw will meet over the summer to rewrite the bill and bring it up next legislative session.

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