It's time to boycott Major League Baseball



Now it's time for the fans to strike.

Let's join together and boycott:

All professional games.

All products endorsed by Major League Baseball.

All Major League Baseball merchandise.

All events sponsored by Major League Baseball.

Anything and everything associated with the major league.

Its one thing that we are supposed to be happy for the return of The Great One (the great money-maker in our opinion) to basketball, but now we are expected to celebrate and welcome back into our lives the return of Major League Baseball.

Their greed ruined a time-honored tradition and the national pastime of this great country. Let's now show them who really pays their million-dollar salaries and the consequences of fucking with the citizens of the United States. That we will not be used by the greedy capitalistic tyrants within the professional baseball industry. We ask you, both as friends and sports lovers, to join the fight. Don't give up the game, just give up the industry.

Justin Scaramazzo

Political Science Freshman

Tim Fowler

Architecture Freshman

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