Mazatlan's beaches await students

By Eric Wein

Arizona Daily Wildcat

When it comes time to choosing a Spring Break destination, it's a lot like finding a TV tabloid show that mentions the O.J. trial there are many, many choices.

There's Lake Havasu, Rocky Point, South Padre Island, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas.

But the contents of this article regard Mazatlan.

It's a resort city on the western coast of Mexico where tons of students go each spring break.

And on those fliers plastered on bulletin boards around campus, it seems to be listed quite often. Maybe because there's some profit in its price tag (likely in the neighborhood of $250-$500) and it does have a lot to offer.

What, you ask? Well, settle down.

You may notice that it's tough getting any concrete answers out of tour leaders other than their encouragement toward you paying all the money. Some of them have never even been there themselves.

Still, there's no need to knock the tour services.

Speaking of which, there must be a mention of College Tours, a service that sets up spring break packages for students around the country for destinations throughout Mexico.

Obviously, College Tours sets everything up like any other travel service and boasts exclusive parties that tend to be one-hour specials. But where they really come in service is by having an organized community of party-goers and representatives around to help out in case an unexpected crisis occurs.

You will see tons of people with their distinctive wrist bands on. However, there should be no problem having fun either way.

That having been said, it's time to get on with the activities.

During the day, relaxing on the beach is about the only thing worth doing. The repetitive announcements remind you that happy hour lasts all day. Having a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand is the best escape from schoolwork. For the adventuresome, a skyline view of Mazatlan by parasailing costs around $20.

At night, the dance clubs are stocked with spring-breakers and partying lasts until the wee hours in the morning.

Mazatlan seems like the vacation of a lifetime.

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