ASUA Senator will fight for KAMP radio fee


Over the past few days I have been asked numerous questions about the Feb. 14 Wildcat article ("KAMP seeks student funding"). These questions have ranged from "Are you dumb?" to "Not another fee followed by soft weeping?" With this in mind I would like to explain the facts, not the misconceptions, surrounding KAMP student radio. After working for two years on this project, I have gotten student radio (pending passage of the budget), a 20-watt antenna broadcasting 24 hours a day. The fee was brought up as a possible way to provide KAMP with the resources to maintain the antenna until ad revenue can support them (about three years). This fee is not as some people have said, me raising tuition (trust me I put myself through school I don't want to pay more), but rather a decision I am fighting to ensure is made by you. If you don't agree with the fee, then vote against it during the election. If you have any questions please call me at 410-2402.

Ethan Orr

ASUA Senator

SIE Junior

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