Henry's notes on the O.J. trial card

There are a lot of funny and interesting things in this whole O.J. Simpson scenario. Some are just outright bizarre. I truly don't remember a fictional legal drama more riveting. And many of you are hooked, admit it. Even those of you who say you're sick of it, in your moments of voyeuristic weakness, tune in and watch with the horrified fascination of those who watch car wrecks.


Here are some observations I've made in the first few weeks:

What the hell was going through O.J.'s mind when he gave his children to the Brown family ?

If "capacity for becoming pissed" is grounds to say someone is capable of murder, we're all potentially homicidal. Speaking of that, was I the only one paying attention to that second 911 call? Would the guy who wouldn't be upset if he caught his wife on her knees playing lollipop with a strange guy, please raise his hand. I thought so .

So he made a tequila-induced racy remark. So he grabbed his wife where the sun don't shine. So he screamed at some people. SO WHAT!

Chris Darden's bitterly derisive tone will wear thin with the jury, as will Marcia Clark's. I swear, the damn dog would have a better chance winning this case .

For those of you convinced of O.J.'s guilt, and are dismayed by the 75 percent Black jury, some food for thought. If you are White, you're not alone, but in an over two-thirds majority. Since he is by definition innocent, simple logic says that most Whites are simply not qualified to hear this case. So much for the racial imbalance .

Of all the things that could give O.J. an alibi: a cup of Ben &Jerry's .

Am I the only one who remembers, or was this the same Denise Brown who went on "Prime Time Live" and stated that she knew of no abuse by O.J.? Funny how her tune changed when Her Royal Rabidness herself, attorney Gloria Allred, began representing her .

Speaking of Denise, let me be the first to nominate her for a daytime Emmy award. Great performance, really .

Doesn't this witness list look as if part of it was gleaned from the National Enquirer? I mean, please, Candace Garvey pontificating on Simpson's "spooky face"? A bit cartoonish, don't you think?

Candace redux: aren't witnesses admonished not to discuss their testimony? What the hell was Candace doing on "A Current Affair" last Sunday night?

Although the Los Angeles Chief of Police, Willie Williams, is Black, most of his current force were hired during the terrorist regime of Darryl Gates. Among other racist and sexist public statements, this man once said that Blacks are more vulnerable to choke holds because their necks are not like those of "normal" people .

Quick question: Ron Shipp, friend or groupie?

Let me get this straight. Our dreams can be used against us?

If Carl Douglass wants to see how to cross-examine a cop, he should watch Johnnie Cochran. Hard-assing cops just doesn't work, Carl .

The same people who say this case isn't about Mark Fuhrman being a racist are ambivalent about this domestic violence stuff. This case isn't about whether O.J. is a gentleman, either. For every batterer who kills a partner, there are thousands who do nothing .

The LAPD and county coroner's office are known for their buffoonery. Hey, morons, next time can we do the autopsy within half-a-day of the murders so we can, maybe, pinpoint the time of death? And can someone tell me, please, how murders occur before 11 p.m., yet no detectives arrive on the scene until midnight?

Keep watching.

Tyrone Henry is a political science senior.

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