GPSC responds to TJ's defense team


I read with interest the letter to the editor stating that ASUA President TJ Trujillo is not at fault ("Trujillo not at fault" Feb. 17). In TJ's defense, the writers cite the arguments which are included in TJ's response to the Supreme Court. You might be interested in knowing that the writers of the memo are all members of "TJ's defense team," so the letter is hardly as unbiased view of reality. GPSC does not have (nor need) a defense team. We are working with one individual to handle this issue. As a body, we are busy dealing with numerous issues and projects, and cannot divert time to thinking up the political maneuvers which TJ has pulled these past few weeks.

I am, as many individuals at ASUA are, tired of the continual misinformation which TJ feeds to the Wildcat and we wish to remind you that this case will be tired in the ASUA Supreme Court, not on the front page of the paper. If you want the whole story, I suggest you come to court.

Mitzi Forbes

GPSC President

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