January 20, 1995

UA survey identifies sexual harassment

Parents may be able to prepay tuition

Department elimination spurs more allegations of unfairness

Survey comments shed light on sexual harassment

Rehab program will impact Southwest

Proposed prayer amendment 'ridiculous'

near the edge


'Natural' birth control offers no protection, least effective

Police Beat


On Campus

Emergency medical service course will prepare students for state exam

Hundreds trapped, killed by avalanche

Moped accident kills student

Creature in Bodmin Moor not just a story to some

Fire brings misfortune to retired UA professor

Earthquake rocks Colombia; waves felt as far as Venezuela

Bruins claw by UA at McKale

UCLA making home in Tucson

Davis finally putting controversy behind him

UA women fall to ranked team again

UA gymnastics team faces Div. II champs

Still Trotting the Globe