Delta Chi letter 'ignorant'


Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and liberty and justice for all. Remember these "pillars" of American society that we've been taught since elementary school? But what happens when two of them are in conflict? It makes the system appears as though it is flawed. As did freshman Vyki Munoz to your publication with her letter to the editor "Delta Chi should stay banned" on Jan. 25.

The Arizona Daily Wildcat should not print letters that utilize rhetoric as their basis. The coinage of the term "rape" is just an emotional ploy to excite the unknowledgeable. No charges, as of yet, have been filed, nor does it appear as if they will.

Our fellow student Vyki Munoz should get the facts before she attempts to publicize her ignorant comments and bring on more unjustified criticism.

It is honorable, courageous and necessary to fight against a social problem such as sexual assault, but not at the expense of the innocent. Realize that the UA administration and Delta Chi are working together to solve the violations that reportedly occurred and plan on moving forward together (NOTE: None of the violations listed an alleged sexual assault).

The only individuals that could possibly benefit from the spread of misinformation and rumors are not the type of people I'm sure Vyki cares to be associated with.

Maybe the concept of justice should be taught in those freshman classes. Ignorance hurts justice. Justice hurts no one.

Chad Becker

Vice-President Delta Chi/Finance Junior

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