What is the meaning of life?

To Whom it May Concern:

I write of no current event. I do not with to express my view on politics or news. What I write of is something perhaps more common to us all. I am writing this perhaps out of hope or maybe out of desperation. My concern is of the meaning of life. I question what lies at the base of our problems and our joys. I question our purpose here on earth.

Here at the university I find that I learn a great deal everyday. Yet what I learn sheds no light on my dilemma. No volumes of text will help me discover what I discover what I search for. And so I suggest that before we become so tightly bound up in the activities we take a moment to reflect on why it is that we are actually here.

I apologize for any sleepless nights.

Adam Engelsgjerd

Undeclared Sophomore

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