Bagels cost too much


While the university may be looking for a new director for the Student Union, how about looking for a new menu with lower prices? For example, I can buy a plain bagel for 63 cents in the Union. If I go down the street I pay only 30 cents at the local grocery store. That is twice as much and you have to pay extra for one packet of honey! Give me a break. And if you want more than two packets of jelly , it's just the point that they are so cheap that they won't supply condiments without charging for them. I think one way they get away with this is because they know parents slap a chunk down on All-Abroad cards and usually students don't even take the time to find out how much something costs. However, in my case and I know in hundreds of others, I am a poor college student who has to budget every penny. Isn't the "Student" Union supposed to benefit students and not the university's wallet?

Kim Dudenhefer

Nursing Freshman

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