Should have certification process for TAs


I would like to express how amazed I am that Professor Keith Lehrer would have the spine to stand up and say that he was duped by "60 Minutes" much less that it is fair for the UA to use TAs to cover a class. I am even more amazed the UA still charges the same tuition rate (not less) for those classes TAs teach. They aren't taught by a professor, so why the same fee? Furthermore, hooray for "60 Minutes"! At least someone with the credentials to back themselves up has addressed at least one of the UA's more serious woes.

So while we are on the subject of serious woes I would like to suggest the UA makes a few changes. Not only should this little TA scandal be rectified, also why doesn't the UA do something truly revolutionary and befitting of its status? WHY DON'T THEY REQUIRE EVERYONE "TEACHING" HERE TO GET CERTIFIED TO TEACH? A professor's role is no different than that of any other teacher when it comes to the classroom. Yet, there is no certification requirement at the UA. In any K-12 government-funded school, all are required to be certified. Perhaps taking a few classes on the subject of classroom management and presenting material might make all of the professors here more fit, able and willing to be available to teach their research. As well it would make any TA be more fit to fill in. I can't think of why any school, especially a university, wouldn't require its faculty to be certified. Yes! If that comes as a shock, they aren't certified to teach students unless they just happen to have the certification on their own. No wonder students hear so often of the lackluster performance of various faculty on campus.

So how about that Dr. Lehrer, president Pacheco, faculty and administration, and of course you, the consumer . the student?

Christopher Woyewodzic

Spanish Senior

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