Freshmen need more guidance


I am writing in response to Eli J. Massey's letter "Need to search for good classes" in the March 3 Arizona Daily Wildcat.

Eli stated that "What the administration has not done is to hold the hand of every undergraduate on campus while they select their classes." Eli goes on to state "it is time we (students) acted like adults." Eli concludes, "I would recommend a little caution before we go out and lynch the administration for not spoon-feeding us."

Last things first. I would like to state, right now, that I am not out to lynch the administration. I am not "out to lynch" anyone.

When I arrived at the University of Arizona, I was in a "frozen market." That is, I had no friends here, I did not know the state, and I was an incoming Freshperson. I had struck out before even coming up to bat.

I spent Orientation chasing down people to find out who my major advisor is and where I could find him. I am a creative writing major. Therefore, I expected my advisor to be a little less harried than other major advisors and maybe have some time for little ol' me ─ if I could find him/her.

The administrators I approached, both in Old Main and every other official-looking building I visited, were entirely unhelpful. Some of them were downright rude and contrite.

Now I realize that Orientation is a busy time of year, but I was looking to be Orientated and I could not find help.

I finally found my advisor and set up a meeting two months into school!

What did I find out? I was told that I had chosen three classes─ nine credit hours─ in the belief that they were filling-up general education requirements. They didn't. Boy was I wrong!

So here I am, a second-semester freshman. I have wasted hundreds of dollars, my first semester at college and a few of my "elective" slots. All of this happened because Orientation was really Confusion and this little boy had no hand to hold.

Eli, please do not preach to me about acting like an "adult." I believe you might remember your freshman year in college if you try hard enough.

Some of us need guidance.

Some of us need help.

Emerson Freedman


Creative Writing Major

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