Tucson needs more alcohol-free activities


When reading the article on binge drinking, I think you neglected some thoughts. Fact is, freshman and sophomores don't feel the pressure to drink to fit in with their college peers, because they have been drinking throughout high school.

Fake IDs are not only bought to purchase alcohol, but to go to bars. Underage students want to feel grown up, and meet older members of the opposite sex. I recently was talking to a friend of mine, and she said,"You know, there really is something to do every night here in TucsonÄ If you have a fake ID." Thing is, it's not that going to bar is the best thing in the world, but that Tucson has nothing to offer. Tucson is a college town. Since it is, you would think that there would be something else to do other than drink or go to bars, but there really isn't. I know this from personal experience. I chose not to drink for many reasons, and since I don't, I'm very limited as to what I can do. Other college towns have things for everybody to do, why don't we?

Binge drinking isn't a problem that can be cured at the college level. It has to start in junior high and high school, and by the time it gets to the college level, hopefully there will be another alternative for them on a Friday night, other than going out to a bar.

Kevin E. Whipps

Undecided Freshman

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