Student recognizes hardworking faculty members


I would like to respond to Jon Burstein's April 18 column, which encouraged recognition of excellent faculty members, with a few names of people here who have been dedicated and inspiring teachers both in and out of the classroom:

Marcia Reike and Don McCarthy, Astronomy

John Gesell and Anne-Marie Brooks (T.A.), French

John Hildebrand, Neuroscience

Richard Kissling, Honors Center

Donna Swaim, Humanities

Dan Dolata, Chemistry

Kari McBride (T.A.), English

Richard Demers, Linguistics

All of these people have been willing and eager to share their fascinations with the world, and I thank them. It is efforts like theirs that make the UA, despite its imperfections, a mind-opening institution.

Thanks again.

Christina R. Lowe

French and Linguistics Senior

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