July 5, 1995


Pacheco needs to hasten decision

Columnist did not belittle pilot's accomplishments

Slackers, unite!

Police Beat

Pacheco postpones journalism decision

Administrative tax on private donations stings poetry center

Survey uncovers fears about CPR

Kids, parents seek this summer school

'Government dork' Driggs hopes to improve Union

Fraternity moving to new home

Out and About

Selling hot dogs gives former chef his 'best job ever'

Stoudamire a perfect cornerstone for new team

Sports Shorts

Director in Tucson to explore legal limits of pop culture

Of copyrights and copywrongs

Negativland remains a positive and sonic force in social criticsm

Borderlands offer history of Coca-Cola in Mexico

'Dredd' a movie with lots of action, but very few words

Critics agree: 'Species' fails to rise above typical DNA thriller

He said, She said

Where 'putter' is both noun and verb