Internetter's name misspelled


Hello, my name is Dennis Narciso and I have a couple of problems with a recent article in which I was mentioned ("Internet brings campus closer together," Wildcat, June 21).

First, my name is spelled N-A-R-C-I-S-O, wiht one "s", not two as it was spelled in the article. Second, and more importantly, I feel that a couple of the comments I made during my interview with Miss Miller were taken out of context in which they were placed and have caused me some personal problems.

First, her quote of me saying that "... (I) taught Macabuhay (my cousin) everything he knows..." is not exactly true. I did mention to her that I started my cousin on the workings of the Internet, but to say that ALL of his knowledge is a result of my influence is absurd. My cousin learned a number of things on his own. I do joke around in my homepage about me teaching my cousin "everything he knows," but Miss Miller failed to mention that it was a joke. Now I have a cousin angry at me because he believes I intentionally set out to disrespect him in the article. My cousin is aware of such a comment in my homepage, but when it gets printed out in the Wildcat NOT as a joke, it takes on a different meaning.

Second, her quote of me saying "It's pretty much like a whole subculture," was put in a different context than what I told her during our interview. When I said that, I was referring to IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, in which you can talk to people from all over the world in a real-time arena. That level of interaction a person has with others during an IRC chat is what I was referring to when I talked about it being a "subculture."

I'm glad that coverage of this medium is more frequent since it helps inform students about the technological resources available at the UA. But, on the other hand, informing people with incorrect information can do more harm than help.

Dennis Narciso

History/Pre-Med Senior

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