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Wednesday April 11, 2001

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Sales of UA merchandise remain strong despite last week's loss

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UA Bookstore and Arizona Bookstore say profits on Final Four merchandise has stayed high

UA Final Four merchandise sales have remained high despite last week's loss to Duke University.

Jeana Preciado, merchandise buyer for the Arizona Bookstore at 815 N. Park Ave., said that a large amount of basketball merchandise, including T-shirts, banners, stuffed wildcats and other items, is still being sold.

"Sales dropped after the loss," Preciado said. "But they still remained strong throughout last week and this week."

Preciado said that sales began going up before the Final Four games, but the store saw a significant gain in sales after the games.

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Regents hope to find middle ground for tuition increase

When Danielle saw police at her door, she knew she was in trouble.

Asking not to be identified, Danielle, a 20-year-old UA student who was involved in an incident with marijuana last fall, was among the 67 students who were referred to the Dean of Students Diversion Program between July and December.

The Dean of Students Diversion Program, which works in cooperation with the Pima County Attorney's Office, offers UA students guilty of minor offenses - such as possession of marijuana or alcohol - a chance to avoid these charges, which would otherwise appear on their permanent record.

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Softball Notes: Widlcat realize difficulty of Pac-10 games

2-game home series vs. No. 9 ASU looms this weekend

Heading into last weekend's road trip to Seattle and Los Angeles, the Arizona softball team knew it was going up against two of the most formidable opponents in not just the Pacific 10 Conference, but the entire country.

With this in mind, the No. 2 Wildcats wanted to use the three games against No. 14 Washington and No. 1 UCLA as a measuring stick to see where they stood.

What they ended up measuring, though, was something slightly different but nonetheless valuable - the difference between Pac-10 teams and those Arizona had played prior to them was astounding.

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NBA-bound players should pursue dreams

The UA men's basketball team is slowly losing its top players.

That's because junior forward Richard Jefferson and, as of yesterday, junior forward Michael Wright, have declared they are leaving school to enter the NBA Draft.

"I think we are all working toward the goal of being professionals, and I think this is my time to go after it with all my energies," Wright said yesterday in a press release.

He couldn't be closer to the truth.

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Rollin' in the Dough

Paul Taylor Dance Co. brings modern dance to Centennial Hall

Today's world is very modern. We have modern art, modern interior design and even modern forms of cuisine.

But modern dance, despite its name, is often overlooked simply because people are not familiar with its form.

This weekend, however, the Tucson community will have the opportunity to familiarize itself with this contemporary dance style.

Lisa Viola, a dancer with the Paul Taylor Dance Co., said she was first introduced to modern dance after seeing one of Taylor's performances.

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Fast facts: Wednesday April 11, 2001

An elephant can smell water three miles away.

Elephants have been known to remain standing after they die.

The African lungfish can live out of water for up to four years.

The Chinese lettered goldfish has Chinese characters on it, and this has been achieved through many years of crossbreeding.

A full-grown grizzly bear from western North America can bite through a piece of steel that is a half an inch thick.

Most polar bears are left-handed.