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Tuesday April 17, 2001

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Ribbon cut on new bookstore, union

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Part of phase 1 officially completed, construction continues

Ribbon-cutting ceremonies took place yesterday outside the new UofA Bookstore and Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, despite delays in construction on the new student union.

Gilbert Davidson, project manager of the student union construction project, led the ceremony.

"Today, the university is able to showcase just the beginning of the largest student union in the United States," he said.

When completed, the new union will be approximately 400,000 square-feet, the largest union complex without an attached hotel, Davidson said.

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Friendly Game

Horse whisperer teaches students about patient communication

Dr. Allan Hamilton, head of the UA department of surgery, teaches his medical students about body language crucial to doctor and patient interactions.

However, instead of pictures and diagrams, he employs the help of horses to make his point.

Since January, three University of Arizona medical students have had the opportunity to study an unique course offered as a spring elective - Medicine and Horsemanship: An introduction to nonverbal human interaction at the bedside.

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Finch continues to torment Pac-10 foes

Junior pitcher earns Player of the Week honors after stellar weekend

Games against Pacific 10 Conference opponents are supposed to be the toughest of the season for the No. 2 Arizona softball team.

Somebody forgot to tell that to Jennie Finch.

Finch, a junior from La Mirada, Calif., continued her torrid start in conference games this weekend in the Wildcats' two-game sweep of Arizona State.

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Why would anyone want to be conservative?

Most students have at least a rudimentary understanding of what the core beliefs of modern conservatism are. But why would any rational college student want to voluntarily accept them and actively promote them on campus? With the exception of a few schools such as Brigham Young and Washington and Lee, a healthy conservative philosophy is about as useful to a student's academic career as a broken hand.

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UA community assembles to discuss future of CCP

About 125 turn out to vote on issues affecting internationally recognized photography center

A variety of concerned community members, UA students and staff assembled yesterday in the CCP auditorium to express concerns regarding the fate of the Center.

This third community forum was hosted by the Office of the Provost and was designed to guide the Center for Creative Photography's Steering Committee in developing how to approach to the future of the Center.

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Fast facts: Tuesday April 17, 2001

More than 100 incorrect medical procedures will be performed by the end of today.

A Boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the Wright brothers' first flight.

A bolt of lighting can strike the earth with a force as great as 100 million volts.

A cesium atom in an atomic clock beats 9,192,631,770 times a second.

A creep is a metallurgical term for when something that is normally very strong bends because of gravity. This happens to many metals at high temperatures, where they won't melt but they will creep.

A cubic mile of fog is made up of less than a gallon of water.