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Wednesday April 18, 2001

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Group honors Falun Gong victims

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Chinese students light candles to honor people that have been killed for practicing the spiritual exercise Falun Gong

Yaning Liu's mother is in prison in China, and she has not seen her for three years. And when her passport expires in one year, Liu might have to leave the United States to return to China.

But when she returns to China, Liu said, she might also be arrested for practicing what more than 70 million people worldwide practice - Falun Gong.

Falun Gong - an ancient, yoga-like Chinese exercise involving slow body movements - was banned in 1999 by the Republic of China because the government considers it an activity that is against the Communist regime.

The Chinese government rejects freedom of expression, assembly and conscience, and "groundlessly felt threatened by the growing number of Chinese who regularly do the ancient exercises," according to a Falun Gong fact sheet compiled by the Falun Dafa information center.

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Name of planetarium director floating around space

Recently-discovered asteroid named after Flandrau director

It's not every day someone is immortalized in the name of an asteroid, but UA planetarium director Michael Magee has received such a tribute.

The asteroid, formerly known as 1990 OW2, was renamed Mikemagee to honor Magee's achievements at Flandrau Science Center. This summer will mark his 20th year of employment at the University of Arizona's planetarium.

"To know that I've reached that many people is probably my biggest achievement," he said.

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NCAA rule may leave Olson scrambling

Olson returns to Wildcats, blasts NCAA's 5/8 rule

When Lute Olson returned to his office yesterday after a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a new construction project commenced on the Arizona campus.

Olson isn't building a new bookstore or student union. He's spearheading the reconstruction of the UA men's basketball program.

Welcoming him home were the scattered pieces of an Arizona team that now finds itself in the midst of a rare rebuilding process.

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Plan to reward DDs is a good start

Friday night. Free cover. Free drinks.

Sound too good to be true?

ASUA Sen. Rebecca Broky has proposed a plan that will give designated drivers free cover and free sodas at local bars.

Finally, a program that rewards students for doing the right thing.

Friday, April 27 will serve as test-pilot for a program that could be expanded to full-time if successful. Broky's program would give students a safe and cheap option for Friday-night fun.

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Questions Answered

Tucson band Good Question calls it quits after two and a half years of local success

When the guys of Good Question realized in December that more than half their band would soon be graduating, they knew they needed to come up with an answer.

After having played the Tucson music scene for the last two and a half years, Good Question will perform its last show Thursday night at Plush, 340 E. Sixth St.

Although the band has handed out flyers promoting the concert as its "farewell show," bassist Ryan Porter, a media arts senior, said the band is "breaking up" on the best of terms.

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Fast facts: Wednesday April 18, 2001

The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.

Wilderness makes up 28 percent of Africa.

Wilderness makes up 38 percent of North America.

If required to do so, 80 percent of men say they would marry the same woman all over again.

If required to do so, 50 percent of women say they'd marry the same man over again.




Group honors Falun Gong victims

Name of planetarium director floating around space

UA students have mixed feelings about tuition increase

RAs set up network to address job issues

UA offers one of the first student exchanges to Cuba in the nation

Bush's education budget satisfies UA student government

Senate approves student regents


NCAA rule may leave Olson scrambling

Lone senior guides tennis team

Back on track

Q&A with Jim Livengood

Softball faces Fresno State tonight

Commentary: Since when is intensity a bad thing?

UA Baseball Notes: UA coaches view Duncan's award as team accomplishment

2 GymCats head to NCAA Championships


Plan to reward DDs is a good start

The embargo's got to go

Letters to the editor


Questions Answered

Re-inventing history

SR-71 takes the stage with Jon Bon Jovi