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Wednesday May 9, 2001

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The graduates

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Top seniors ready to take on the world

You may have seen them walking on campus, working in laboratories or taking notes in class. These students have worked their way to the top of their classes, received awards and are days from graduation. After spending up to five years in Tucson, these students have devoted their energy to the University of Arizona.

Kimberly Brydle, medical student

No one in Kimberly Brydle's family went to college. While she was a full-time undergraduate at the UA, she worked several jobs to overcome her economical barriers.

Brydle yearned for scientific knowledge all her life, and eventually made her way into the UA School of Medicine in 1996. And now she is graduating with honors.

She has two children, Samantha and Jonathan, to look after, along with hundreds of patients she will see this summer at UMC, where she will pursue her residency.

Brydle's dreams about a future in medicine started in high school when she said she lacked role models for higher education.

Her chemistry teacher at Desert View High School, though, prompted Brydle to think about college.

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Students will soon reap benefits of construction

ILC and student union construction close to completion after nearly two years

UA students will soon see the rewards of dealing with two large university construction projects that have been underway since fall 1999.

The Integrated Learning Center, a 119,032 square-foot underground learning facility, and a new 400,000 square-foot student union, are nearing their structural completion.

Janet Fore, head of the undergraduate services team that will oversee the Integrated Learning Center, said students will soon be repaid for their patience with the construction project.

"The gates will come down and the palm trees will once again line the UA Mall," Fore said, borrowing a quote from Lynne Tronsdal, vice president of undergraduate administration.

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Wildcats, UA rebuilding for the future

Their names read like a who's-who of Arizona sports.

Dick Tomey, Richard Jefferson, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Wright, Joe Tafoya, Ortege Jenkins, Reshea Bristol, Marisa DaLee, Ernie Durazo, Duane Akina, Lauren Bauer, Toni Mascarenas, Kara Fry, Dino Babers, Brandon Manumaleuna, Loren Woods, Eugene Edgerson, Becky Lemke and Bruce Wiggins are just a few of the UA athletes and coaches who won't be coming back around the time students start moving back into the dorms and tiny houses that dot the area come September.

Worse yet, Jason Gardner, Shelley Duncan and Jay John may be joining them shortly.

Not that it's too surprising. Much like the UA Mall, which has become a giant hole during construction, the UA athletic department is undergoing a facelift.

A huge one at that.

But there's no need to panic - the future looks great for Wildcat athletics, whether you believe it or not.

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More than what society has made us

With a turn of the tassel on a mortarboard cap, thousands of students this week will symbolize that they have completed at least this phase of their education. Their diploma places a stamp of approval on them, signifying they have been measured to some standard and passed. Graduation is an act of ego, a claim to be - in some sense - better than those who have not received a diploma.

Of course, many would blanch at such a description. In America, our greatest fear is that someone will hold us responsible for some measure of success. We apologize for it, afraid that we will somehow be accused of cheating. There are many worthy people in society, the theory goes - everyone equal to everyone else; thus, if you have accomplished more than someone else, you have upset the balance of nature - done something wrong. Your success, it is argued, debases your fellow man.

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'You say goodbye, I say hello'

Prof. John Wilson retires from UA dance department after 25 years of teaching

John Wilson, a professor of dance at the UA, is preparing to say goodbye to the dance division and hello to retirement at the end of this semester.

During his 25 years at the University of Arizona and 40 years teaching college dance, Wilson has created 96 ballets.

Three of these were choreographed for this year, including "Heritage of Earth," which was showcased at the "Premium Blend" dance concert, and "Indri's Dream," which was re-enacted for the Arizona Arts Odyssey Festival.

He dedicates many of his pieces to family members because of their continued support throughout his career.

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The graduates

Students will soon reap benefits of construction

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