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Wednesday August 1, 2001

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Student KAMP Radio and TV 3

Turning trash into cash

In a tiny corner of the University of Arizona campus, someone is trying to make a difference in the world.

Well, make that some people - a group of people who are deeply committed to making the world a better place to live.

Their daily tasks include compressing tons of cardboard, collecting bags of aluminum and distributing containers to different campus buildings.

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UA student injured in riot files $3 million claim against city

City hopes to find "common ground"

UA freshman Jeff Knepper, who lost his left eye after being by a "less-lethal" beanbag during the Fourth Avenue riots April 2, is filing a $3 million claim against the city of Tucson.

Though the claim, filed Thursday, is the first step in a potential lawsuit that would begin in September, it is unlikely the case will go to trial, said Knepper's attorney, Carl Piccarreta.

"Statistically, 95 percent of cases don't go to trial," Piccarreta said.

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A matter of opinion

Thanks to the contributions of Michael Wright, Richard Jefferson, and Gilbert Arenas, the UA men's basketball team made it to the finals of this season's NCAA Tournament, where they lost to Duke.

If the Knight Commission had its way, these three players could also have cost UA an opportunity to go back to the NCAA tournament in the next couple of seasons.

The Commission, which was originally formed in 1989 and is mainly composed of current and former college presidents, aimed their criticism of college athletics to three areas - academic performance of student-athletes, the amount of money that athletic departments and programs are spending to field competitive teams and the commercialization of college athletics through endorsements and television contracts.

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GOP should follow Bush's lead

Courage seems to be in short supply on Capitol Hill these days. Republicans in Congress - especially the Senate - have been appearing a bit hesitant to speak out for the ideas they believe in. Maybe they're still in a state of shock over the Jim Jeffords situation, but that's really no excuse. House and Senate Democrats have always been better at politics than the GOP, pulling on the heartstrings of their constituents in order to create a more powerful federal government and keep themselves in office. Recently though, it's almost as if Republicans have given up trying to convince people that

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New CatFest venue may present space conflict

Vouchers to be distributed to eliminate seating issues

For the first time, Wildcat Welcome Week's annual CatFest concert is scheduled to be indoors.

The show, sponsored by the University Activities Board, Associated Students of the University of Arizona, Residence Hall Association, KAMP Student Radio and Greek Life, will change its venue as a result of the cancellation of past concerts due to rain.

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Fast Facts: Wednesday August 1st, 2001

The characters of Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie were given the same first names as "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening's real-life father, mother and two sisters.

"60 Minutes" is the only show on CBS that doesn't have a theme song.

Actor Paul Reiser is the one playing the piano on the "Mad About You" theme song.

Hugh "Ward Cleaver" Beaumont was an ordained minister.

Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants.

Radio personality Casey Kasem is the voice of Shaggy on "Scooby-Doo."

Woody Harrelson, who played bartender Woody Boyd on "Cheers," sung the show's theme song.