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Tuesday September 12, 2000

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Police Beat
UA Survivor

Employee admits to embezzling $13,000 from UA

Woman used money to help son pay off gambling debt

A university employee admitted to taking more than $13,000 from UA project funds to help her son pay off a gambling debt, according to the results of a police investigation released yesterday.

The employee, who worked as a secretary in the UA College of Public Health, told police on Aug. 14 that she had written checks belonging to a research fund and deposited them in her personal bank account. The Arizona Daily Wildcat is withholding her name because she has not yet been charged with a crime.

The woman told the Arizona Daily Wildcat that she had no savings, had reached the limit on her credit cards and had exhausted financial assistance from family members.

She said she did not know where else to turn for the money.

Friends remember student killed in accident

About 140 people gather to share stories about UA freshman who died last Monday

Friends of James Haley, a UA student who died last Monday in a motorcycle accident, gathered last night to remember his life.

Tomey stands by his man

Jenkins "a warrior," according to head coach

Following a game in which UA senior Ortege Jenkins seemed constantly under attack by a stifling Ohio State defense, UA head coach Dick Tomey was quick to praise his quarterback's toughness under pressure.

Town hall meeting deserved better turnout

UA students screwed up.

President Peter Likins offered himself up for two hours during last Friday's Town Hall meeting at Kiva Auditorium in the Education building. The express purpose of the meeting was for Likins to address student concerns.

'Nurse Betty' hampered by poor plot, acting

Slew of big-name talent fails to save movie

At first glance, the movie poster for "Nurse Betty," which shows smiling sweetheart Renee Zellweger in 1950s nurse garb with two unthreatening men behind her, portrays a goofy, comedic and fun romp for the whole family - a "Bambi" in disguise.

Monday September 12, 2000 Quotable:

"They're just now realizing they had a problem? That's bull. They knew four years ago."
-Lewis H. Wilbur, former watch-commander for the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, on Firestone's statement that they were unaware of problems involving their tires until within the past year

Today in history: Monday September 12, 2000

In 1977, Stephen Biko, leader of South Africa's "Black consciousness" movement, died shackled on the filthy floor of a police hospital. Earlier that month, he had been nearly beaten death by Afrikaner police for his alleged "subversion."

In 1940, near Lascaux, France, the Lascaux cave paintings were discovered by four teenagers who stumbled on the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern.

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