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Monday August 6, 2001

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Down the drain

As recruiters show increased interest in UA professors, officials struggle to keep faculty salaries competitive and avoid the dreaded "brain drain"

Over the past decade, funding for Arizona's three state universities has dropped and UA officials have struggled to keep faculty salaries competitive.

But as the marketplace for faculty at the nation's top universities becomes more complex and competitive, many UA professors are finding higher-paying jobs elsewhere.

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Grant notification pending for Oasis Center

The Oasis Center, the University of Arizona's center for relationship violence and sexual assault, could lose as many as 10 staff members if funding from the U.S. Department of Justice does not continue this fall.

"It's alarming and concerning," said Matt Sanders, assistant director of the Oasis Center. "Some people's salaries are relying on what happens September 31."

On Sept. 31, the Department of Justice will decide which universities will receive a portion of the $8.1 million in Grants to Combat Violence Against Women. Only 21 schools are given money.

But Irene Anderson, director of the Oasis Center, said the possibility of not receiving the grant is slim.

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Mackovic, Wildcats stare down the critics

LOS ANGELES - Three years ago, the UA football team was picked by the media as the favorite to win the Pacific 10 Conference at the league's annual media day. Now, the Wildcats are predicted to finish next-to-last in the conference.

The Wildcats were tabbed with a No. 9 ranking on Wednesday, only one spot ahead of cellar-dwelling Washington State.

New UA head coach John Mackovic doesn't seemed concerned with the low ranking.

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Monsoon Team should lauded, paid

Once again, the University of Arizona has shown that it is a national champion. The latest edition to the school's list of talented students does not come from the athletic or fine arts departments, but from the rarely-applauded College of Engineering. The 13-member solar car Monsoon Team took first place in the American Solar Challenge, beating such schools as Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They should be congratulated, respected, and supported in further efforts and competitions.

The Monsoon Team deserves a level of respect much higher than we usually grace our homecoming champions with.

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'The Closet' offers funny take on political correctness, sexual politics

French sex farce a must-see before the opening of 'American Pie 2'

Grade: A-

Long before the rise of gross-out jokes and Adam Sandler's loudmouth, dumb-guy delivery, comedy had a rigid structure to it, one that would establish a "situation" that would play itself out over the course of a film.

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Fast Facts: Monday August 6th, 2001

Pearl B. Waite invented Jell-O in 1897 in Leroy, N.Y.

People originally sold Jell-O door-to-door like the Avon lady sold cosmetics.

Every four seconds, another box of Jell-O is sold.

The original flavors of Jell-O were strawberry, orange, lemon and raspberry.

Sparkling white grape is considered the "Champagne of Jell-O."

Woody Harrelson, who played bartender Woody Boyd on "Cheers," sung the show's theme song.