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Wednesday September 13, 2000

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UA professor wins spot on November ballot

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Downing one of two Democratic candidates vying for

University of Arizona Professor Ted Downing won one of two spots on November's Democratic ticket last night for state legislative District 13.

The final numbers put him second only to Gabrielle Giffords, with Downing coming in at 50 percent and Giffords receiving 55 percent of the votes with 93 percent of precincts reporting last night.

"I'm feeling good," Downing said as the results came in. "Gabbi and I are leading by a substantial margin. I am now an official Democrat candidate, and the first campaign finance reform candidate in this district."

Growth initiative and campaign finance reform are the two main issues Downing has campaigned on, which he said has helped him win the nomination.

Cunningham, Kolbe to compete for U.S. Senate seat

Sweeney loses to incumbent Kolbe for eighth time

Arizona state Sen. George Cunningham was triumphant in the Tucson primary race - Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District 5 - last night.

Arizona women's volleyball team to face early-season test

UA travels up I-10 to face Arizona State

The Arizona women's volleyball team will play in one of their biggest matches of the season today when they travel up Interstate 10 to face rival Arizona State at the Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe

Faculty salaries warrant tuition increase

Arizona's constitution directs that state universities should be as inexpensive as possible. That is, if we have a choice between raising rates or not, we should always err on the side of not raising tuition.

However, if utilized inappropriately, this policy could damage our strong university system. Tuition should be kept down, but not if it forces us to cut back on facilities and especially not if it forces faculty out of the state universities.

Radioactive art on display at UA Museum of Art

ASU Prof Alquist to hold question-and-answer session on his unique exhibit

Radiation powers nuclear reactors - and it is also art.

"Hot Art," an exhibit by Arizona State University art professor Lewis Alquist now showing at the UA Museum of Art, is literally "hot" - as in radioactive.

Wedensday September 13, 2000 Quotable:

"Should I ask his father for his hand or should he ask mine?"
-Mark Wagenbuur, 35, on the Netherlands decision to allow gay marriages

Today in history: Wedensday September 13, 2000

In 1899, the first recorded fatality from an automobile accident occurred on this day, after an oncoming vehicle fatally struck Henry Bliss on the streets of New York.

In 1943, in a daring rescue, Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Hitler's commando leader, kidnapped Fascist leader Benito Mussolini from the Italian resistance forces that held him in a villa in the Abruzzi Mountains.

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