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Friday September 22, 2000

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UA continues discussions about waste in landfill with city of Tucson

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University doesn't want role in sealing the landfill

A state-run auction next month to sell about a third of Tumamoc Hill have brought the landfill covered with UA waste to the forefront of discussion.

Ongoing talks concerning what will happen to about 365,000 tons of waste in the landfill disposed by the UA and the city of Tucson during the 1960s may not be resolved for quite awhile, UA officials said.

The dialogue has been going on for the last two decades.

After almost 40 years, the waste is now exposed, and malodorous landfill gas seeps out of the ground, said Jay Quade, director of the UA Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill.

"We are in the middle of negotiations, we haven't reached a decision yet," said M.J. Dillard, senior engineering associate for the solid waste management department.

No environmental testing was conducted on the landfill and whether the landfill contains any hazardous substance is unknown, Dillard said.

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UA linked to nuclear weapons research

Dept. of Energy report finds university not environmental hazard, however

A report released yesterday by the federal government links the UA to possible secret involvement in nuclear-related activities, most likely in a scientific research capacity.

The U.S. Department of Energy reviewed the University of Arizona along with 576 other organizations around the nation to determine if nuclear environmental cleanup was needed at those locations.

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Volleyball team heads to Washington

Junior solidifies starting position Wildcats put 8-match win streak on the line against WSU, The Arizona women's volleyball team will hope to extend their eight-game winning streak this weekend when they travel to the Pacific Northwest to face Washington State and the University of Washington.

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McGrath's ousting will pave way for real legislation

Women's studies majors, opposite-sex dorm guests and perverted Internet surfers alike have been the happiest groups of people on campus this week. Their source of jubilation? Jean McGrath will not be back in office next year.

But they shouldn't be alone in their celebration, as all students and faculty members ought to be relieved that the Glendale Republican was politely shown the door by her constituents. In the on-going war between the Arizona Legislature and the University of Arizona, McGrath was behind many of the issues that the two institutions butted heads over.

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Stiller brings amusing nervous energy to winning comedy from "Austin Powers" director

Director Jay Roach scored an instant classic with his 1997 debut film, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." Combining skilled comic actors, an anarchic plot and lots of whimsical bodily fluids, the film was generally well-received by both critics and audiences, even as it introduced several heinous catchphrases into the nation's collective consciousness.

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Quotable: Friday September 22, 2000

"Manhattan attorneys in three-piece suits do not typically come to mind when the public pictures the criminals who traffic in human cargo and who profit in the desperation of migrants who are seeking a better life."

Doris Meissner, Immigration and Naturalization Service commissioner, on the immigration asylum law firm that was accused of working hand in hand with smugglers who bring illegal Chinese immigrants to the United States and keep them as virtual indentured servants

Today in history: Friday September 22, 2000

In 1776, in New York City, Captain Nathan Hale, American patriot, was executed by the British for spying.

In 1828, Shaka Zulu, African ruler and founder of the Zulu Kingdom, was murdered by his half-brother Dingane after Shaka's mental illness began to compromise his leadership.

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