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Thursday August 24, 2000

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UA student falsely arrested after mix-up

UA dean admits sophomore shouldn't have been arrested after completing diversion program

A UA sophomore was falsely booked into Pima County Jail on Tuesday after a mix-up indicated she had not completed a UA diversion program.

Sophomore Margie Stultz was handcuffed and taken to jail after a University of Arizona Police Department background check showed a warrant for her arrest. The warrant, however, should not have been issued in the first place, said Veda Hunn, UA associate dean of students, who oversees the Misdemeanors Diversion Program.

"There shouldn't have been a reason for her arrest," Hunn said yesterday.

Stultz, a Spanish studies major, was driving east on East Speedway Boulevard at about 11:30 p.m., admittedly speeding, when she was pulled over by a UAPD officer.

Space limitations squeeze out Math 129, 223, 250 tutoring facilities

During his freshman campaign at the UA last year, Joseph Reed visited the math tutoring lab two or three times a week to work on his homework and get extra help when necessary.

Thanks in part to the free assistance he received there from volunteer instructors, Reed was able to achieve passing grades in both his Math 124 (Calculus I) and Math 129 (Calculus II) classes.

Without the tutoring lab, he said, he might not have passed either class.

"It was a tremendous help because you had other students there who had almost the same homework assignments as you did," Reed said. "It was always packed."

Thursday August 24, 2000 Quotable:

"This decision is a sad day for America, as the sanctity of life has yet again been denigrated by the Clinton-Gore administration." -Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., R-Okla., on the new federal guidelines allowing funding for human cell embryo research