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Thursday October 19, 2000

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Weapons violations decreasing at UA and peer institutions

The UA is part of the trend of decreasing weapons violations, along with its peer institutions, during the past few years.

The University of Arizona had 16 weapons violations in 1997, 13 weapons violations in 1998 and eight last year, said Sgt. Mike Smith, UA Police Department public information officer.

"I do not know where credit is due, but it could be because of education," he said. "We have two officers who have spoken about crime prevention at freshmen orientation for the past two years."

However, the UA has consistently had the highest number of weapons violations compared to its peer institutions.

Arizona State University had seven violations last year, University of California at Los Angeles had five and Oregon State University had only one violation.

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Middle East forum focuses on fundamentals of issue

A desire for peace the prevailing sentiment of panel, audience

Shoshana Green understands how hard it is for people in the Middle East to make peace.

"There is a heartbreaking process of giving up what they truly think they deserve," said Green, a lecturer in Judaic studies who grew up in Israel. "But there is no choice but to look it in the eye and do exactly that."

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War of the Roses?

Ducks, Wildcats jockey for Pac-10 lead

Every war has its decisive battle. World War II had Normandy. The Civil War had Gettysburg.

The UA football team will face No. 7 Oregon Saturday in a game that could have massive implications in the Pacific 10 Conference and the national balance of power in the NCAA.

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Struggling annual blood drive needs more attention

Civic responsibilities are common right now - but they extend beyond the need to vote.

The 14th annual University of Arizona-Arizona State University Blood Donor Challenge is taking place on campus right now in Bear Down Gymnasium, but unfortunately, not enough people are giving enough blood to overtake the Sun Devils' donations - or more importantly, help save lives.

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All that jazz

UA School of Music and Dance offers dance, vocal jazz performances this weekend

The UA School of Music and Dance has prepared a weekend of song and dance centered around the theme of jazz.

"It's kind of a jazzy weekend," said Jory Hancock, dance department head.

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Due to a reporting error, it was reported that the character David Talbot was converted to a vampire by the character Lestat in Anne Rice's "Merrick." This is only true for the movie version. In the book version of "Interview with a Vampire," Talbot was converted to a vampire by the character Louis. The Wildcat regrets the error.

Due to a reporting error, yesterday's Wildcat reported that Hector Torres had an blood alcohol content of 0.5. Torres' blood alcohol content was 0.05. The Wildcat regrets the error.

Due to a reporting error, yesterday's story "LGB Studies embarks on wide-reaching program" contained incorrect information. The UA Committee on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies receives funds totaling $16,300 from the deans of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts and Sciences. The provost contributes $25,000. The Wildcat regrets the error.

Today in history: Thursday October 19, 2000

In 1935, the League of Nations imposed economic sanctions against Fascist Italy for its invasion of Ethiopia, but failed to take any further steps to dissuade a nation bent on colonial empire in Africa.

In 1781, British General Charles Lord Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown, Va., bringing to an end the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.