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Tuesday October 31, 2000

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Athletes will decide whether to wear corporate logos if policy passes Monday

Athletic dept. supports policy, students prefer logos though, Livengood said

UA athletes may be able to choose whether they want to display corporate logos on their apparel if the Faculty Senate approves a new policy Monday.

The policy, presented by the University Committee on Corporate Relations, would allow University of Arizona athletes to refuse to wear corporate insignia by signing a form of consent or non-consent.

"The athletes have the right to accept or reject clothing with specific logos," UCCR Chairman Tom Davis said. "(It) gives the athletes a choice."

The athletic department supports the policy, but athletic director Jim Livengood said most athletes like wearing logos such as the Nike swoosh.

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Scientists find possible 'edge' of solar system

UA astronomer is part of the research group that found 24 new objects in Kuiper Belt

Astronomers have long thought that our solar system ends beyond Pluto, but three astronomers have now found evidence that there may be an "edge" to the solar system past the planet's orbit.

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Women get Bulldogged in Fresno

Gough and Regnier fall short in finals

Although Arizona women's tennis coach Brad Dancer was reuniting with a longtime friend and coaching partner - Kevin Epley of Fresno State - it was a disappointing weekend for the Wildcat women.

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Bring in the line judge and boxing referee

If ever two opposing groups have talked right past each other, they'd have to be Students Against Sweatshops and the UA administration, headed by UA President Peter Likins. They talk to each other, they talk to students, they talk to assorted labor rights groups, but apparently no one is listening.

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'The Yards' is a dismal, predictable flick

Mark Wahlberg stars as a well-intentioned ex-con in latest flick

In a cinematic empire that creates multi-million dollar movies every other week, it would have been better to have kept Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark.

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Today in history: Tuesday October 31, 2000

In 1517, Martin Luther, a professor of biblical interpretation at Wittenberg in Germany, nails his 95 revolutionary theses on the Wittenberg Palace church door, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

In 1926, Harry Houdini, the most celebrated magician and escape artist of the twentieth century, died.