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Wednesday November 1, 2000

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2 UA students beaten, robbed outside campus gas station

Suspects have not been caught

The University of Arizona Police Department is searching for three men who beat and robbed two students early Friday morning near a university gas station.

Just before 2 a.m., two white Coronado residents were walking from the residence hall, 822 E. Fifth St., to the Texaco Service Station, 501 N. Park Ave, when three black men offered to sell them marijuana. The students ignored the men and continued walking.

"It is unknown whether they had drugs or it was a ploy to lure people close to the vehicle," said UA Police Sgt. Mike Smith.

The three men left their Geo Metro and attacked the two students. One of the students was punched in the face once, and the other was struck seven times in the face and chest.

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Prop. 301 approval would be a spiritual victory, Likins says

$15 million could be funneled to UA if passed

Whether the UA gains a victory of "spirit" is in the hands and wallets of Arizona's voters.

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Intra-squad bragging rights on the line for UA

Jefferson, Arenas featured match-up at Pepsi Red/Blue Game

The outcome of tonight's annual Pepsi Red/Blue Game for the Arizona men's basketball team may not depend so much on the players but on the coaches.

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Athletes deserve the right to choose representation

As a result of the efforts of the University Committee on Corporate Relations and Students Against Sweatshops, UA student athletes may be given the chance to choose whether their uniforms display the Nike swoosh logo. While the gesture is purely symbolic, it gives UA athletes a choice they deserve to have.

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Anoushka Shankar takes her father's legacy in stride.

For a typical 19-year-old, fall is a time for midterms, homework and Halloween parties - not an acclaimed tour around the world.

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Quotable: Wednesday November 1, 2000

"We are not afraid of any attack. Being Muslims, we are ready to greet death at any time."

-Taliban Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil on whether the United States will retaliate after the attack on the USS Cole

Today in History: Wednesday November 1, 2000

In 1765, in the face of widespread opposition in the American colonies, Parliament enacts the Stamp Act, a taxation measure to raise revenue for a standing British army in America.

In 1848, the first medical school for women in the United States opens in Boston, Mass., with two professors and an enrollment of twelve pupils.