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Monday November 6, 2000

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Reported assault could have stemmed from note

UAPD still investigating last week's attack in front of Manzanita-Mojave

The UA student reportedly attacked early Wednesday morning in front of Manzanita-Mojave Residence Hall said the assault could have been triggered by a note he wrote himself minutes before.

The 31-year-old man, whose name is being witheld by the Arizona Daily Wildcat, said he left Frog & Firkin, 874 E. University Blvd., earlier that morning and walked north on North Tyndall Avenue to get some coffee. He stopped in front of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house, 1011 N. Tyndall Ave. for a few minutes when somebody from the house approached him, he added.

"That wasn't much of a problem, I think I bantered with him, but he wasn't hostile," he said "(Then) I got ready to leave."

The student said before he tried to leave, he wrote a note to himself for his diary, which is a collection of notes he puts in a box at home. The man admitted he was slightly intoxicated after six beers at the restaurant, but was "never rude" or "threatening."

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UA community supports Gore

Low voter turnout could dilute campus' effect on election

Although many national polls show Texas Gov. George W. Bush with a slim lead over Vice President Al Gore in the presidential race, support from the UA community does not fall along those lines.

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4th quarter meltdown

Arizona loses another game in the final minute

For the third straight week, the Arizona football team had an opportunity to win going into the fourth quarter.

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Election endorsements

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That 70s Show

'Charlie's Angels' is a breezy, fun 90s update of the 70s TV series

Much like its latter-day spiritual grandchild "Baywatch," "Charlie's Angels" was a daring risk for TV executives when it premiered in the mid-70s. After all, who knew if mainstream American audiences would take to the combination of fast action, lowbrow comedy and breathtakingly gorgeous women?

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Quotable: Monday November 6, 2000

"The difference is between night and day, and Al Gore is the day. It's the last lap, and with your help it will be a victory lap to the White House."

-Joseph Lieberman, Democrat Al Gore's running mate, on the elections tomorrow

Today in History: Mondy November 6, 2000

In 1917, Lenin masterminded a stunning coup d'etat. He would lead the Soviet Union until his death in 1924, and was succeeded by Joseph Stalin.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected the 16th president of the United States over a heavily divided Democratic Party, becoming the first Republican to win the presidency.