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Monday October 8, 2001   |   |   Online since 1994  
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Headline Photo

US, allies strike Afganistan

WASHINGTON - American and British forces unleashed punishing air strikes yesterday against military targets and Osama bin Laden's training camps inside Afghanistan, aiming at terrorists blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks that murdered thousands in New York and Washington.

"We will not waver, we will not tire," said President Bush, speaking from the White House as Tomahawk cruise missiles and bombs found targets halfway around the globe. "We will not falter and we will not fail."

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UA Football
UA 28 | Oregon 63

Game recap: Wildcats Duck and cover

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Feature Photo
Feature Photo

AMY WINKLER/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Jacob Vanhemelryck, a 9-year-old Tucsonan, makes the final strides to complete the Jim Click Pony Express 5K race Saturday morning on the UA Mall. Vanhemelryck said he has participated in the Pony Express for three years. Proceeds from the event go toward equipment, scholarships and sports programs for the UA Disability Resource Center.
US, allies strike Afganistan
UA community reacts to airstrikes
Police continue hunt for rape suspect
Arizona ranks tops for car theft
Bin Laden praises God for Sept. 11 terrorist attack in tape
Bin Laden's half brother to leave U.S.
Anthrax death sparks investigation
Asian markets fall sharply after bombings

UA community reacts to airstrikes

Some say bombings were unnecessary, but others support whatever action is needed

Reactions from the UA community to the U.S. airstrikes against al Qaeda centers in Afghanistan run the gamut from support to protest.

"We could take care of this in a very peaceful way," said Imam Omar Shahin, director of the Islamic Center of Tucson, 901 E. First St.

"Afghan people have nothing. They don't deserve to be bombed by America," Shahin said. "Two wrongs don't make a right. Killing innocent people is not acceptable."

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Wildcats Duck and cover

Harrington accounts for 6 touchdowns in rout

Joey Harrington didn't have to worry about a late-game comeback Saturday night. Rather, he stood on the sidelines sending in plays to Oregon's second-string quarterback, wearing a backwards baseball cap and joking around with his teammates.

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Letters to the Editor

Nasim did not lie

After knowing Saad Nasim for three years, I know there is no way that he lied about the hate crimes. I saw him the day before the first attack, and he was only concerned about the recent death of his grandmother.

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The revolution that wasn't?

Has it been 10 years already?

The anniversary hasn't attracted much attention in the wake of Sept. 11, but it was this time of year in 1991 when an obscure band from Seattle called Nirvana released its major-label debut. The album was called Nevermind, and for a relatively brief period of time, it seemed like it would change the music world for good.

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