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Thursday October 11, 2001   |   |   Online since 1994  
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Likins may consider mid-year tuition hike

Elective courses will be cancelled next semester due to budget cuts

UA President Peter Likins announced at last night's ASUA meeting that he may support a mid year tuition increase if the state Legislature cuts funding to the UA by a substantial enough amount.

Although the exact amount of the funding cut will not be known until sometime after Nov. 13 - when the Legislature meets in a special session to discuss the state budget shortfall - Likins suggested that he could reverse his earlier stance, which unilaterally opposed mid year increases.

"I do not believe there should be a mid year surcharge," Likins said. "At the same time, right now we're looking at a 4 percent, $14 million recission, and I don't know what I'd believe (about raising tuition) if it was a $50 million recission."

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KRISTIN ELVES/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Math graduate student David Marsden, front, cowers after being vanquished by undeclared freshman Owen Maurer, during heavy armor fighting yesterday afternoon on the Mall. Marsden and Maurer are both members of the College of St. Felix, an organization devoted to the study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The club meets at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday on the lawn near the Ina E. Gittings building.
Likins may consider mid-year tuition hike
Budget cuts could put faculty raises at risk
Group receives grant to counsel students on debt
Sixth Street Zone 1 parking lot will remain open, after all
Walls of Expression removed from campus
Viewpoints: The Wall of Expression

Budget cuts could put faculty raises at risk

$650 million state budget shortfall could jeopardize salary increases

Money for staff salary increases planned for April could be in jeopardy, UA President Peter Likins said at last night's ASUA meeting.

The state Legislature will begin discussing how to fulfill a several-hundred million dollar shortfall in the state's budget at a special session beginning Nov. 13.

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UA football player accused of using roommate's debit card

The roommate of UA freshman tailback Tremaine Cox reported to police Monday that Cox used his debit card to purchase pornographic material on the Internet, UAPD reports stated.

Ricardo Hernandez, a junior political science major, told the University of Arizona Police Department that Cox used his debit card without his permission and bought access to a pornographic Web site.

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Letters to the Editor

Political cartoon offensive

I am appalled that the Wildcat staff chose to print the political cartoon in the Oct. 4 issue (Page 4, Perspectives). This comic showed a group of ragged and pierced protesters with peace signs in the sight of a rifle, apparently about to be shot. The caption included an invitation to Osama bin Laden for a group hug...

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Alumnus stars in provocative one-man play, acts as four characters at once

Theater is always a form of entertainment (hopefully) - but it can also educate.

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