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Friday, April 8, 2005

More than rides:Spring Fling begins


Students were welcomed with warm weather, loud music and high spirits at Spring Fling yesterday afternoon.

The outlook was positive for the upcoming weekend and Spring Fling coordinators said they expect a lot more students than last year because the carnival does not fall on Easter weekend.

Other universities from all over the country host carnivals to raise money, but the UA outnumbers them in every area, said Amanda Meaker, Spring Fling executive director. [Read article]

· Athletics cuts 18 positions
· Law school students withdraw from GPSC
· Hoops team adapts to disability
· Nobel winner Wiesel speaks, honors Likins
· Bracelet sales benefit Darfur
· Biology series highlights potential careers
· Word Up
· Fast facts

Adams stars one more time in McKale


Junior guard Hassan Adams didn't want to be hounded during the 22nd annual Lame for a Game last night. The question everyone wanted to know was not answered.

"I'm not going to talk about it," Adams said on whether or not he will come back for his senior season. He did, however, say that his family would play the biggest role in the decision. He may not have quenched anyone's desire to know his draft status, but he did put on a show for the fans. [Read article]

· Football scrimmage now open to public
· No. 2 softball returns from rest to take on Beavers, Ducks
· No. 6 baseball to tackle struggling Wazzou
· No. 18 Gymcats head to Lincoln
· Wildcat tennis faces Washington, Oregon
· Women's Tennis: Last home weekend for three key seniors
· Split squad: Track heads to separate meets
· No. 7 Laxcats battle No. 4 UCSB

The travails of air travel

British author Zadie Smith once described air travel as being "trapped with 300 other strangers of unknown mental health status in a 400 ton aircraft flying 30,000 feet up in the air." Based on my recent flight from Missoula, Mont., back to Tucson, I couldn't agree more.

The security crew at Missoula International Airport consisted of a team of two malicious little men that looked like they'd rather be kicking kittens in a dark alley somewhere. After two agonizing attempts at reading my name on the boarding pass, they narrowed their eyes and told me that all "foreigners" had to undergo a thorough search in the ominous-sounding "Examination Cubicle." [Read article]

· Mailbag

Latest Issue: April 8, 2005


After 30 years, the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Show" is still going strong: transvestites, aliens, hunchback and all. For the first time in Tucson history, the Arizona Repertory Theatre presents this legendary, interactive piece of theater.

Director Richard Hanson's experience with this musical dates back to its original showing with Tim Curry, which he saw in Los Angeles at The Roxy Theater. He has wanted to do the production for years, but this year all the pieces seemed to come together. [Read article]

Tucson and Campus Calendar
More cocks in the henhouse
The non-poet of poetry
MFA exhibit will dazzle
New wine bar serves charm and chardonnay
'Beauty Shop' is not that bad
'Upside' a smart and poignant film
Crooked Fingers roll with the punches
Mando Diao not surprising
UA jazz trio plays out for charity
'Jihad' unveiled
Latest Issue: March 30, 2005

Land surfing: Longboarders invade the UA

There's nothing new about skateboarding, but the elite few who ride them around Tucson are getting some competition from a new breed of riders.

Longboards, a kind of hybrid cross between a surfboard and a skateboard, have been making a comeback since the 1990s and are slowly, but surely becoming ever more visible on the UA campus.

Though most skateboarders tend to be linked into the high school age group, some veteran skateboarders now attend the UA and even partake of the longboard phenomenon. [Read article]

Relocated skate shop helps UA students move along"

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