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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
photo Issue of the week: The Democrats' missing mojo

This election year, the Democrats were trounced by Bush's re-election and the Republicans took the majority in both the Senate and the the House. In the week after the election, the question is, how can Democrats recover after the elections clearly showed that their party is becoming less and less important in the eyes of the people?

Pick your issues and don't budge

First of all, the Democrats need to stop trying to fight for voters on issues that are Republican wedge issues. The Republicans have already brainwashed the people who are swayed by these issues to stay on their side. The "God, guns and gays" voters aren't going to listen to arguments. Trying to provide logical arguments on issues like these will only further galvanize and embolden a bunch ignorant people against them who otherwise probably wouldn't vote. They should just hope that these people will eventually realize that maybe things weren't so perfect back in 1952. [Read article]

Low economic groups should be focus of diversity

I'll never forget that little sidebar in my freshman economics textbook. It was talking about IQ scores for blacks and whites in the '60s. In what was used at the time to justify calling blacks intellectually inferior, whites scored higher than blacks on the tests.

But some brilliant economist took the exact same statistics and correlated them with income. It turns out that rich blacks and rich whites performed exactly the same, as did poor blacks and poor whites. The conclusion was that blacks and whites are inherently as smart as each other, but that the poor perform worse than the rich. And since there are proportionally more rich whites, the overall statistics show that whites score higher. [Read article]


Gays are people, not 'a people'

Cameron Moore's letter in Tuesday's Wildcat smacks of all the bigotry and intolerance he accuses the voters of. First off his claims of "my people" insinuates somehow that gays are a "people," which they are not - rather, gays are people, just like straights. Gays, by virtue of their bedroom activity, do not suddenly take on a new racial or religious characteristic, since gay people exist in every culture and every religion. Mr. Moore's hateful expression "rural rednecks that don't know any better" begs the question, why should non-gays be tolerant of gays if the gays are so hateful and spiteful towards anyone who disagrees with them? People like Mr. Moore should wake up and realize that their lifestyle does actually offend people, and however that may seem illogical to them, it does mean that people have the same right to be as offended by homosexuality as they are about pornography. [Read article]

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