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Letters to the Editor

By Wildcat Readers

Tuesday October 9, 2001

Hagler, "Furnexistential" comic should just stop

Using Jason Aillaud's Wednesday letter as a springboard, I would also like to express my dislike for Josh Hagler and his comic. Despite his comic being the worst in the paper, Josh Hagler remains the illustrations editor. How does someone with such a small concept of comedy find himself in the elevated position he's in? I think his recent "Top 10" of what's funny should be an easy indicator that he doesn't have a clue.

First of all, in the "Top 10" list, Josh claims that college humor isn't funny anymore. Should I bother pointing out that the Wildcat is in fact a college newspaper?

The comic that has been consistently funny for over three years, "Voice of Doom," also happens to be the most college-oriented one, yet avoids being trite. I, for one, would rather hear an old college-related joke than read a novel spewed forth by a chair. And it's not that Josh's comic is above anyone, like we just don't get it. I get it. It's just not funny.

Secondly, it's my opinion that Mr. Hagler doesn't know the newspaper medium well enough to produce a decent comic. Listen Josh, you're limited by space, 4 inches by 3 inches. Stop writing endless dialogues and stop drawing messy, overly detailed drawings. Newsprint doesn't reproduce detail well enough, and small print is a bitch to read. If I want to hurt my eyes, I'll read the Classifieds.

Thirdly, I'd just like to mention the tastelessness of the strip. While I'm not one to be offended by foul language, I feel overt use of it in comedy is highly unnecessary. Also, I don't think a dog peeing on a talking rug is all that mature of a punch line.

You're not better than a college newspaper, Josh. Stop thinking you're "Red Meat". Stop telling everyone what's funny and what isn't. Stop trying to be deep and meaningful. Stop bringing existentialism down into the gutter. Just stop. Give someone good a chance to make the readers happy.

Roy Wageman
media arts junior

US should not appease Afghanistan

Resources spent on humanitarian airdrops are resources diverted from self-defense. It shows our leaders putting the lives of Americans below those of citizens in enemy countries.

It is also appeasement. Some fear Muslims will think we're warring against Islam. The airdrops are an attempt to show this isn't true. If we fear these people will turn against us, best we not help them?

We've been appeasing by trying to form a coalition with Communists, in refraining from attacking other terrorist countries, in failing to declare war and now in these airdrops. Fifty years of appeasement lead to Sept. 11. More will mean worse.

Christopher J Grace
Aurora, Colo.

New men's basketball ticket system terrible

Let's hear it for the McKale ticket office staff. They've developed a new system of misdirection, misinformation and inequitable distribution for student basketball tickets. The student lottery in the past was not perfect but at least was fair to all. All students had an equal chance at tickets. The notification in the Arizona Daily Wildcat informed us that no lottery will be used. If it had been in place this year, I would have signed up as would, no doubt, most of us die-hard fans. Instead, I was informed by a ticket office staff member (yesterday) that the lottery was "too much work" for the ticket office. So the department gets an easier work week. What did the students get? We got the runaround. We got to stand out in the cold and the rain. We got misinformation; basically, we got the shaft.

Some ticket-holders were rewarded because they either cut class or broke rules. Because the ticket office decided to make it a little easier on themselves, they set up an inequitable system. My only solace is that I didn't have to stand out in the rain - but I hate being left out in the cold.

Michael Badowski

non-degree graduate student


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