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Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Tara Taylor, political sciencesophomore

Previous ASUA experience: club advocate, 1996-97.

Campus involvement: Coronado Hall resident assistant, 1996-97; Student Alumni Association corresponding secretary, 1996-97; RHA hall involvement chair, 1995-96; Apache-Santa Cruz hall government executive board, 1995-96; Residence Life budget review committee, 1995-96; Student Alumni Association chairperson, 1995-96; Spanish club, 1995-96

Why are you running?

Taylor said she is running because she has passion for the position and good ideas. She said she has met with all the programs and services directors to see what their ideas are for next year and what things they need changed. She wants to see what they can do to be more successful, accessible and beneficial to the students.

What issues are you running on?

Taylor said she wants to increase the awareness and accessibility of programs and services.

She said she will work to establish a 1-800 number for the Escort Service. She also plans to require the 15 directors and herself to serve either three hours or one night of Escort Service duty per week.

Spring Fling needs to come back to the students in terms of running it, attending it, and planning it, Taylor said. She said she is working on creating a system where business students can receive credit for working on Spring Fling.

Taylor said there are areas that still have too much money so the funding needs to be reallocated and readjusted. She thinks the programs and services can make do with the current budget and work together on events to combine budgets and save money.

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