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pacing the void

Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Marco Dominguez, interdisciplinary studies junior in political science, economics and Mexican-American studies

ASUA experience: University Budget Review Committee, 1994-95

Campus involvement: Summer and fall internship with the Democratic National Committee, 1996; Hispanic Alumni student representative, 1995-96; Juntos, 1995-97; MEChA, 1994-97; African American Student Association, 1995-96

Why are you running?

Dominguez said he is running because he would like to make a difference and make ASUA more attentive to the needs of the students that right now it does not serve, which would be those students who are real students. Those are the students who go to school and then go home to their families, he said.

What issues are you running on?

Dominguez said he would like to start a Spring Fling mentoring program for elementary and high school students to see what higher education is about. He would also like to maintain the low cost of Spring Fling and increase the number of booths and activities.

Dominguez said the Minority Action Council is not made the priority it should be. He proposes a Student Awareness Expo for MAC to recruit students who are interested in taking part in campus activities.

Dominguez would like to ask the community what it would like to see for the Speaker's Board.

He would also like to write a bimonthly column in the Daily Wildcat that would focus on events in which ASUA is involved and a report from each position.

For the Escort Service, he said he would like to co-opt Eric Clingan's idea and privatize the golf carts.

Dominguez said he would like to apply for a City of Tucson grant for ASUA programs.

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