By Craig Degel
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 12, 1997

Thoughts on everybody's Field of Dreams

With yesterday's announcement of this year's Academy Award nominees and Monday night's ESPY Award ceremony, I thought it would be good to provide you the reader with an all-purpose list of some of the best sports movies ever filmed.

My staff and I could come up with a top 10 list of baseball movies alone, but we thought it best to mix things up a bit. So without further ado here are the films in no particular order:

Field of Dreams- The best baseball movie ... bar none. It stars Kevin Costner as a corn farmer who builds a baseball stadium in his fields. The final scene is a five-hanky affair.

Hoosiers- With March Madness just around the corner, this is a must see. Its the story of a little Indiana high school basketball team coached by Gene Hackman that rises up to beat the big, bad city school in the state championships.

Rocky- Yo Adrienne! Go rent this movie. See if you can convince yourself that Stallone actually wrote this film.

Caddyshack- Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray. Enough said.

Bull Durham- A classic baseball comedy. I'm not sure I enjoy seeing Tim Robbins bare ass, but the movie is great anyway.

North Dallas Forty- A movie with a message, but that doesn't mean that it is boring. Nick Nolte stars as a troubled football player in the only football movie better than "The Longest Yard."

Raging Bull- If Robert DeNiro hadn't made this movie, people would probably think his only contribution to the sports movie genre is "The Fan". He stars in this film as boxer Jake LaMotta. For more good DeNiro see "Bang the Drum Slowly."

The Hustler- Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman star in this movie about Fast Eddie Felson and Minnesota Fats. Guess who Gleason played? It also inspired "The Color of Money" which finally garnered Newman an Academy Award.

Victory- This one may surprise you. It's got Stallone, Michael Caine and soccer legend Pele in the story of POW's who get into a soccer match against their German captors. They plan to escape at halftime, but realize they have a chance to win so they stay for the second half. Okay, so its not very believable, but its a soccer movie with Pele.

Jerry Maguire- John Travolta may not be able to watch the love scene, but his wife Kelly Preston can "show me the money" anytime. Cuba Gooding Jr. is a Sun Devil in the movie, but don't hold it against him

The following is a list of films that are almost great. Good films, but missing just a little something. If the above films are out, rent these.

Cool Runnings- Probably one of John Candy's best, this is the story of the Jamaican bobsled team. Good soundtrack, too.

Major League- Just a cut below Bull Durham but still hilarious. Charlie Sheen made this before deciding to become a 1990's William Shatner.

Tin Cup- This is Costner's third film on the list. Maybe he should stick to sports films.

Hoop Dreams- If you can last all three hours, you'll enjoy this movie which offers a scene with Arizona assistant basketball coach Jessie Evans.

White Men Can't Jump- This is director Ron Shelton's third film on the list (Bull Durham, Tin Cup). It's got Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes who were better in "Wildcats" but this movie is better overall.

Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change if they ever make "The Tiger Woods Story."

Sports editor Craig Degel shares his thoughts on sports and life every Wednesday in the Wildcat.

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