By Craig Degel
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 24, 1997

Living the dream in Tucson - Homegrown Ash looks to the future


Wildcat File Photo
Arizona Daily Wildcat

John Ash

John Ash was a part of something most Arizona high school players could only dream about.

He beat Mike Bibby.

When the two were still in the prep ranks, Ash's Tucson Salpointe Catholic buddies defeated Bibby's Phoenix Shadow Mountain squad 105-95 in front of a packed gym at Salpointe.

Shadow Mountain was ranked No. 1 in the state at the time.

Ash, a one or two guard for the Wildcats, tallied 19 points and 11 assists as well as drawing the defensive assignment of guarding Bibby.

Now, Ash is back where his association with Arizona basketball started. For four years, Ash was a Wildcat ballboy.

Ash played a total of 21 minutes last season, but his biggest contribution came in the practice sessions where he and the other backups played the positions of the upcoming opposing players.

And, as part of a superstition with Josh Pastner, the two would provide mock play-by-play analysis of the team's pregame shootarounds.

Ash's status for this season is uncertain. He did not play against Morgan State and he may redshirt the season.

But for now, Ash will continue to hound the starters to improve and play the role of the opposition in practice.

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