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By Tory Hernandez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 4, 1997

Dorm dwellers to become cable-watchers by Oct. 1

An official with the video system provider for residence halls says cable service will be available no later than Oct. 1.

Tom Waite, president of Satellite Management Services, said the company was waiting on the arrival of a laser transmitter before installing satellite equipment on the south side of Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall.

The university received final approval from the UA's antennae and space committees Aug. 28, allowing SMS to begin installation of the video system, said Al Tarcola, director of Facilities Management.

The antennae committee regulates the antennas in and around the university, Tarcola said.

"We make sure the broadcasts don't interfere with other university activities," he said.

In addition, the space committee governs the actual areas where structures are to be placed, said Steve Gilmore, assistant director of Residence Life.

Gilmore said he credits members of the committees with expediting the decision process.

"We did have the contract signed, but the committees only held up action for about one week," he said.

Waite said residents of the dorms will begin to receive information about the system about Sept. 15.

The letter will include the channel line up, prices of service and phone numbers for customer assistance, he said.

In addition, Waite plans to send company representatives to the residence halls to sign up subscribers and answer residents' questions.

Since the system is being installed one month after the semester started, students who sign up for the semester or academic year pre-payment options will receive a discount of $26.70, the cost of one months' service.

Once service is operational, students with off-the-air reception problems will be required to submit residence hall maintenance forms.

Gilmore said the most common problem will probably be from substandard connections between the cable boxes and television.

The effect will be a "ghosting" of images on the TV as the cable cord picks up a broadcast, which can be remedied with cords labeled RG-59 or above, Gilmore said.

Gilmore said he was working on an agreement with the Computing and Technology Store to make connector cables available on campus.

"We will definitely carry the connector cables," said CATS Manager Tammy Carter.

"Right now we are waiting on prices, trying to get a discount for a large shipment," she said.

Carter said she plans to have stock available in varying lengths at least one week before service begins.

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